Bridge the gap between CRM and ERP with MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics – bridging the gap between ERP and CRM

Manufacturing is a complex business. With a high focus on output, quality, productivity and costs, the customer experience can often get put to the bottom of the pile when it comes to priorities. With Microsoft Dynamics it doesn’t have to.

Microsoft Dynamics can deliver an end-to-end combination of CRM and ERP systems combined with next-generation business applications that focus on your core industry capabilities. It goes beyond the basic capabilities of a CRM by offering rich analytics, embedded intelligence and the convenience people expect from modern-day apps, meaning you can be one step ahead of your competitors when it comes the fulfilling customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics allows manufacturers to:

Optimize supply chain operations through better visibility and collaboration.
By collecting, integrating, and visualizing global supply chain data worldwide, manufacturers can gain better visibility into their operations from production to sales.

Streamline the management of assets, products, and production
With a consolidated view that unifies process oversight and provides real-time insight, manufacturers can institutionalize efficiency gains and use connected devices to monitor and resolve issues remotely.

Engage customers in powerful new ways
To deliver personalized engagement across any channel, manufacturers must provide customers with greater visibility and build trust through fast and convenient responses. Dynamics provides analytics on consumer behaviour that allows manufacturers to customise and differentiate sales offerings based on buying patterns and product purchasing history.

Transform service centres into profit centres
With IoT sensors, mobile devices, and cloud-based data aggregation, manufacturers can improve service quality and margins by offering remote monitoring and proactive maintenance services that supplement break/fix support. Combining customer records, technician availability and back-end inventory into a single system improves the user experience and allows faster processing.

Empower employees to work more effectively
When a company can provide 360-degree views of customer assets and work order history, technicians are empowered by a better understanding of the job in front of them. This encourages service agents to provide instant feedback, using machine learning to find and follow similar cases for successful troubleshooting.

Accelerate innovation for a competitive edge
Innovation comes from understanding how your business works, from customer demand right through to supply chain sourcing and production. Data from connected products and equipment can empower developers, engineers, and technicians to collaborate and find efficiencies throughout the production and sales cycle.

Hit the ground running with Microsoft Dynamics quick start

We know that it can be a time-consuming process to change your systems and continue to work effectively whilst keeping your data safely stored in the correct secure and accessible places.

The Systems Assurance Quick Start Service provides the basic implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and follows a number of steps, including assessing Business Readiness, Infrastructure Readiness and the completion of a Data Import Assessment before the basic install and configuration.

Training and customer support

It is important to be able to continue to support your users, which is why Systems Assurance also offers training, allowing you to understand and maintain the CRM once setup. A full walk-through of the system will also help you see where there is potential for growth within the system as your company grows, and gives you more detailed information about the configuration requirements.

Each setup includes setting the levels of access for teams or individuals and the security level for different types of information. This will be unique to each business, yet fundamental for legal data security requirements.

Getting started

The initial setup can take between 3 to 5 days, and this purely depends on your users’ requirements and current network complexity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also be set up according to exact needs and environment.

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Start Services by giving Systems Assurance a call today on 0114 292 29111 or email us:

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